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Company Profile

Babbler Marketing Pvt Ltd , is the Authorized Distributor for some of the leading Armour Group PLC/ UK brands in India. These include Systemline Modular, Q Acoustics, Alphason, QAV, Goldring which are from Armour Home Entertainment/Alphason Design Ltd. UK.

Babbler Marketing Pvt Ltd is intensively involved in custom-designing & implementing, Fully Automated Entertainment Solutions for Up-Market, Large Scale, Residential Developments & the Luxury Hotel Industry in India.

With this specific goal in mind, Babbler Marketing Pvt Ltd  affected a strategic distribution tie-up with Armour Home Entertainment / UK one of the largest Home Entertainment Solutions Co’s, in the United Kingdom.

AHE / UK have a large bouquet of brands in their portfolio, & Babbler Marketing Pvt Ltd has been signed up to represent AHE / UK as their Authorized Distributor for India.


The ultimate choice in home entertainment furniture and accessories

Welcome to Alphason – the UK’s leading specialist for all your hi-fi and home entertainment needs

Alphason has long been established as the market-leading manufacturer of furniture specifically designed for audio-visual entertainment in the home. Since we began in 1985, we’ve become renowned for innovation and
excellence – in fact, Alphason has been recognised with many industry awards and accolades.

We are continuously developing new products that are both ingenious and aesthetically appealing.Alphason is committed to using only materials of the highest quality throughout our rigorous design and manufacturing
processes. We pay particular attention to the safety aspect of our products and only ever use toughened glass in our furniture that conforms to the most stringent British and European standards.

Alphason maintain close associations with the world’s leading manufacturers of home entertainment goods. This enables us to produce furniture and accessories that perfectly complement the latest systems. That’s one of the reasons why Alphason products are the No.1 choice for quality and value in home entertainment retailers across the globe.

Whether it’s immaculately crafted furniture or a premium quality cable, we’ve paid attention to even the smallest detail. So when you choose any Alphason product for your home entertainment system, you can be sure you’re buying the very best.

Since January 2006, Alphason Designs is a part of ArmourHome a leading supplier of Consumer Electronic and Custom Installation products in the UK. Armour Home is part of Armour Group Plc, a company listed on London’s Alternative Investment Market and holder of the coveted “AIM listed Company of the Year” Award 2004.

AHE was formed in 2003 as a result of the acquisition of Veda Products Ltd, QED Audio Products Ltd and Goldring Products Ltd. Myryad Systems Ltd was added to the group in 2004.


SYSTEMLINE MODULAR is a multi room system, is what home entertainment should be all about. The ability to listen or watch whatever you want to, in any room of your home.

The solution is a non-intrusive, discreet system - literally built-in to the fabric of your home in much the same way as central heating, lighting or plumbing.

All that you would typically see are very discreet, flush mounted, ceiling speakers and elegant in-wall keypads rather than an ugly assortment of boxes intruding into your living space.

Systemline Modular

Introducing the award-winning Systemline Modular Home Entertainment system, the least intrusive Multi-room system ever devised. Perfect for so many homes from single occupancy, one bed apartments, right up to six bedroom detached houses with large families.

Systemline S6

Superb high fidelity music anywhere you want it – for everyone to enjoy, in the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom and bathroom - all completely discreet, with no clutter. S6 is also capable of controlling video distribution (including high definition video) to match the audio for a complete solution.

Systemline S6 allows up to six audio and video sources, e.g. MusicServer (160GB music library), CD player, tuner and DVD player, to be independently distributed into eight rooms of your home. The system also offers full iPod™ integration plus local inputs in every room, for those occasions when you wish to listen to an MP3 player or games console.

Systemline Musicserver

The new Systemline MusicServer is an easy to use, one box ‘audio library’, providing instant access to all your favourite music, categorised and organised just the way you like it.

Systemline Speakers

The Systemline range of performance speakers are designed for use where a cost effective, discreet range of speakers are required.


Q ACOUSTICS speakers were assembled by a design team from the worlds most experienced and successful loudspeaker designers.

This team of designers was presented with a very simple goal. They were challenged to 'REDIFINE THE POSSIBLE' and design and produce the very best affordable loudspeakers the world has ever known.

The answer is a combination of brilliant design and the freedom to implement that design to maximize sonic performance. They were never forced to compromise their ideas by using 'off the shelf' solutions. Every part of the new speakers is bespoke, optimized specifically for each new model.


Goldring is an integral part of the Home Electronics Division of Armour Group PLC - holder of the coveted AIM Listed Company of the Year Award, 2004. Armour Home Electronics is one of the largest independent manufacturers and distributors of turntable and cartridge products in Europe.

Our dedicated team of engineers, designers and craftsmen have decades of experience in designing and making products using the latest materials and technology. This ensures each new product expands the boundaries of style and performance. Our History

1906 The Scharf Brothers began manufacturing in Berlin, Germany
1926 They released their own phonograph, the "Juwel Electro Soundbox" with a Gold Ring logo to denote quality
1933 Goldring move to England
1954 The Goldring 500 British-made magnetic cartridge is released
1958 Goldring 600 Model cartridge launched
1960 Goldring 700 Model cartridge launched
1973 Lenco GL85 turntable released to great praise
1978 900SE II & 900/E cartridges released
1987-90 Eroica, Epic II, Excel & Elite cartridges released
2004 The digital age, Goldring release GR1 turntable
2005 Goldring launch the now award winning GR2 turntable
2006 Goldring launch the critically acclaimed DR50, DR100 & DR150 headphones

Established 1906
100 years of audio excellence

Consider that short statement for a moment - and the full meaning it conveys.

1906. A time before we were born. A time when houses were lit by gaslight and only three years after the Wright brothers' historic flight, Goldring were bringing the joy of great music into people's homes.

Our rich heritage gives us exceptional knowledge and expertise concerning all things vinyl. Our cartridges, turntables and accessories have evolved from a long line of renowned predecessors. All our cartridges are hand-crafted, including the stylus mounting, wiring and coil winding.

Please feel free to browse the site, where we have a breakdown of all our products. We hope these prove useful as you search for your new turntable, stylus, cartridge or headphones.

MUTANT Car Audio

The Mutant Car Audio range caters for everyone.
Our Products evolve and mutate with your ever-changing audio needs. Starting with introductory Mutant products for those of you beginning your mutation, through Mutant X mid range audio, up to Mutant Ascension and Euphony products for those who thrive on extreme power, precision and performance.

Mutant's Theory of Mutation

Mutant's Theory of Mutation is a closely guarded secret, it states that all sound is related and has descended from a common cone: the amps and the subs, the speakers and the head units -- all related!. Mutant's theory presumes the development of sound from "The Magnet" and stresses a purely naturalistic (undirected and heavy on the bass) "descent with modification". This means , complex sound systems evolving from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time. As random genetic mutations occur within a sound system's genetic code, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they enhance the listening experience -- a process known as "bass selection." These beneficial mutations are passed on to the next generation. Over time, beneficial mutations accumulate and the result is an entirely different organism (not just a variation of the original, but an entirely different creature).

Prof. Mutant PhD


This website is intended to provide interested individuals with an overview of the Milty product range. Milty products have evolved and refined over time resulting in truly fantastic products. Through their thoughtful design and intuitive handling, all Milty products are exceptionally easy to use.

The range is divided into three main categories; media care, sound isolation and interconnects. Simply click at the foot of the product category and you will be presented with the full range.

Media Care

Enhance and sustaining the performance of your equipment with our cleaning solution

Sound Isolation

High performance vibration absorbing supports, to prevent interference between equipment


Terminate your cables with east, and connect your equipment


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