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Babbler Marketing Pvt Ltd , is the Authorized Distributor for some of the leading Armour Group PLC/ UK brands in India. These include Systemline Modular,Q Acoustics, Alphason, Goldring which are from Armour Home Entertainment.

Babbler Marketing Pvt Ltd is also intensively involved in custom-designing and implementing, Fully Automated Entertainment Solutions for Up-Market, Large Scale, Residential Developments and the Luxury Hotel Industry in India.

#134, Residency Road, Ground Floor & Basement, Diagonally Opp To Bangalore Club, Bangalore-560025
Off : +91 9845041164 / 7899594525 / 9108643997 / 9945609621

Boardline number - 080-46776700
         Touching The Senses
The Advanced Touch Screen harnesses today's 'state of the art' digital technology and makes it work for you in the most user friendly way. Using the simple, cost effective wiring system that will be pre-fitted into your home, the Advanced Touch Screen 'talks' to the other equipment, providing you with a whole new experience in luxury living and choice.
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 Why Choose Systemline Modular?

Systemline Modular is a built-in multi-room entertainment system offering elegance, simplicity and superb high fidelity performance. Systemline Modular uses reliable proven technology from Europe’s leading manufacturer-with over 20 years experience in discerning homes across Europe. Relax, you’re in good company.

Systemline Modular offers true high fidelity performance. Easy to use remote controls and keypads-at last a system that can be enjoyed by all the family.
Power efficient design – a typical 6 room system with all rooms playing uses less power than 100 watt light bulb! Modular by name Modular by nature- Systemline Modular can be exactly tailored to your home, lifestyle and budget.

Music and movies in up to eight rooms. Single-source or multi-source audio & video. Choice of simple or sophisticated remote control. Discreet mono, stereo or 5.1 cinema surround sound. You choose


Q Acoustics

“SOUND-PER-POUND, these might be the best speakers we’ve ever heard.”
[Q Acoustics 1010] – What Hi-Fi? July 2006

The award winning Q Acoustics ‘1000 Series’ consists of six models: two bookshelf speakers, two floor standing designs, a dedicated centre channel speaker and a powered sub-woofer.

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   Single-Source Music


Listen to and control the same music source (a hi-fi system) around your home.

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  Multi-Source Music

Listen to and control up to six different music sources around you home, for example: radio in the kitchen and CD in the bedroom etc.

  Multi-Source Music and Video

Listen, watch and control up to six different music or video sources (i.e. CD, Radio, TV, DVD, Video and Sky) around your home.

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  5.1 Cinema Surround Sound

Imagine the full-on surround experience without the clutter of lots of black boxes and wires.

The UK’s leading specialist for all your hi-fi and home entertainment furniture needs

Alphason has long been established as the market-leading manufacturer of furniture specifically designed for audio-visual entertainment in the home. Our experience is one of many reasons why Alphason products are the No.1 choice for quality and value in home entertainment retailers across the globe.
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